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Building the Perfect Wine Cellar: A Guide to Storing Your Veramar Wines

If you’re a wine enthusiast looking to take your passion to the next level, building your own wine cellar can be an exciting and rewarding project. Not only will it provide a suitable home for your growing collection, but it also allows your prized bottles to age and develop to their full potential, including your favorite Veramar wines. Here are some key considerations when building the perfect wine cellar:

  1. Select the Right Space: Consider factors like temperature, humidity, and light. The ideal wine cellar maintains a temperature of around 55°F and a humidity level of 60-70%. Basements are often a good choice due to their naturally cooler and more humid environment.
  2. Think About Size: This will be dictated by your available space and your wine collection’s size. If you’re just starting, a smaller cellar or even a wine fridge may suffice. But remember, it’s always better to overestimate. After all, you’ll need space for all those Veramar wines!
  3. Invest in Quality Shelving: Wood is the traditional choice, but metal wine racks can also work. The key is to have individual slots for each bottle to lie flat. This prevents the cork from drying out and maintains a seal to prevent oxygen from entering the bottle.
  4. Lighting and Decoration: Low-lighting not only creates a great ambiance but also protects your wine from damage. LED lights are a good option as they don’t emit heat. Decorate your cellar with items that reflect your personal style – this could be artwork, a tasting table, or even wine barrels.
  5. Properly Organize Your Wines: Keep track of what you have and where it’s located. Organize your wines in a way that makes sense to you – by region, by variety, or even by the winery. And don’t forget a dedicated area for your Veramar collection!
  6. Control Temperature and Humidity: Consider investing in a cooling unit and a humidifier for precise control over these critical factors.
  7. Security: If you have an extensive and valuable collection, you may want to install a lock on your cellar door or even a security system.

Building your own wine cellar is a labor of love and a testament to your passion for wine. And once it’s complete, you can celebrate by filling it with an array of Veramar wines, each one promising a unique tasting experience and the potential for great aging. So raise a glass and toast to your new wine cellar.

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